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> Rodger Whitlock wrote:
> # You should be able to find fresh lichees for sale this time of year. 
> # Just start one from the seed inside.
> Are sure this will work? I just return from China and brought 5 lychee
> seeds and 5 dragon eye (logan?) seeds with me. I was planning to try them
> out as a bonsai room plant (it freezes too much in Belgium during the
> winter period). Yesterday I was searching the web and found a page which
> had a fairly extensive information sheet (reference at the bottom) which
> states that the seeds are only viable for one or two days and that using
> seeds is not a reliable source for producing high yield trees. Is there
> anybody around who has every succesfully grown lychee trees from seeds?

Yes - grown them from supermarket fruit stones once. Never had fruit, 
and they are a bit touchy (expire) during long cold damp dark winters.
I expect in their own territory good productive cultivars are used.

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