Monstera deliciosa

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Wed Aug 6 18:53:33 EST 1997

At 12:26 PM -0400 8/6/97, Carol Hanny wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone knew if the scales that fall off the fruits
>of the Monstera contain seeds.  I'd like to grow one, if possible.
>Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!
>Answer here or email me at channy at


The surface scales of this multiple fruit are just
the old flower parts.  The seeds are embedded into
the inside of the fused fruits.  If you have access
to ripe fruits, peel the scales, harvest the seeds
and (maybe) enjoy the fruit tissue.  The seeds have
to be germinated immediately (viable only maybe 2
weeks outside the fruit!).

There was an interesting report about skototropism
in the seedlings (unique and unsubstantiated)...but
I'll pass on passing judgement on that.

Good Luck!


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