Is this poison ivy?

Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Thu Aug 7 08:51:08 EST 1997

At 10:23 PM -0400 8/6/97, Alex wrote:
>Can somebody tell me if this is poison ivy (see attached picture in jpg
>format) or what it is?


Your photo is very nice.  The plant is NOT
poison ivy.  It is a species of blackberry
(first guess and most-likely in my opinion),
blackraspberry, or a relative.  Without flowers
and fruits it is difficult to be more specific.

The deeply pleated leaves with fine-toothed
margins and the presence of prickles are
the diagnostic features in the photo.

Did you use a digital camera, a video digitizer,
or scan of a photographic print?


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