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Mon Aug 11 01:27:26 EST 1997

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Hi i'm Leo

Living in Amsterdam, i am intrested in people
who like to buy Marijuana and Sensi Seeds on the

We new, that there are lots of people who likes to smoke some

Some people use it for astma,others use it killing the pain and others
use it for fun.

Most complains are, that they had to buy it on the streets, were they
sell shit really pressed shit.

Or some scene where they sell hardstuff like crack and
cocaine,heroine,LSD so on.....

I'm offering you a real deal.
Now you can order your Softdrugs on the WWW

We have 25 diffrent seeds of hempplant.
About 5 Sorts of Grass and 4 sorts of Cannabiss

If you are Intersted?

mailto:cannabiss at
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