What is this tree called?

Alfred Falk falk at arc.ab.nospam.ca
Fri Aug 15 10:23:38 EST 1997

In article <01bca8c4$2ea430e0$0c9edec2 at hamren-l.demon.co.uk>, "Gustav Hamren-Larsson" <gustav at hamren-l.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>I am doing some plant Identification and am not sure what the plant in the
>enclosed file is.
>guess so far include Elm, Ash, and Beech

Definitely not Ash (Fraxinus sp.).  Ash have compound leaves.  In your 
sample each leaf is growing separately from a woody stem.

Could be elm (Ulmus sp.), although the serrations in the leaf margin are 
finer than the species I know.  The obvios "mismatch" in the margins on 
either side of the petiole is typical of elm, but might occur in other 

Beech don't grow anywhere I've lived, so I couldn't say anything about 

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