Need help with Polka Dot Plant

T&T Monroe monroe at
Fri Aug 15 13:42:00 EST 1997

Bobbie & Lawrence wrote:
> HELP!!  My new polka dot plant (that's what the label said) is not
> doing to
> good.  It is one of those plants that has some leaves with white
> spots,
> some with pink.  I have it in a southern window and water it lightly
> twice
> a week and add liquid plant food.  What am I doing wrong??  I have
> other
> plants that are thriving so I'm not a complete moron when it comes to
> plants.  Does this little one have any special needs??  Please respond
> as
> soon as you can, Thanks!!!
> --
> Bobbie and Lawrence
> lawgan at
I think that maybe you are overfertilizing the plant and that the
southern exposure to too much for it.  Especially during the summer when
the sun is hot in the house it could tend to bake the plant.  Try moving
it away from the window and maybe try to water it thoroughly only once a
week without the food.  Spray the leaves, too.

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