Ants attacked my (2) 11" Dracaena

T&T Monroe monroe at
Sat Aug 16 07:55:32 EST 1997

Kevin Paul Heider wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to save my (2) 11" Dracaenas.  In April (while my friends
> were watching my planets) my two Dracaenas were attacked by ants.
> Before the attack both plants were about 11" tall.  Both plants are in
> the same pot.
> At first I let the dracaenas try and recover on their own, but then I
> noticed that one of them was dropping all of it's leaves.
> So in mid-June I took the plant to the local nursery.  The nursery
> transplanted both of the plants to a new pot.  The nursery cut-off all
> but the bottom 1.5" of the stem of the plant that had dropped all of
> it's leaves.  They left the healthier of the two plants alone.
> It's is now mid-August.  I have noticed that the healthier of the two
> dracaena is dropping all of it's old leaves and has 13 new buds on it.
> I assume this is good.
> stumpy (the 1.5", former 11" incher) still has no buds. :(  Does
> anyone know how long it might take stumpy to get a bud on him?  Can
> stumpy still do any photosynthesis?  Do you think it has been too long
> and that stumpy's root system was damaged too much by the ants?
> Any advice on what to do to help my dracaenas recover would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -- Kevin Heider

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