Ants attacked my (2) 11" Dracaena

Kevin Paul Heider kheider at
Fri Aug 15 23:59:38 EST 1997


I am trying to save my (2) 11" Dracaenas.  In April (while my friends
were watching my planets) my two Dracaenas were attacked by ants.
Before the attack both plants were about 11" tall.  Both plants are in
the same pot.

At first I let the dracaenas try and recover on their own, but then I
noticed that one of them was dropping all of it's leaves.

So in mid-June I took the plant to the local nursery.  The nursery
transplanted both of the plants to a new pot.  The nursery cut-off all
but the bottom 1.5" of the stem of the plant that had dropped all of
it's leaves.  They left the healthier of the two plants alone.

It's is now mid-August.  I have noticed that the healthier of the two
dracaena is dropping all of it's old leaves and has 13 new buds on it.
I assume this is good.

stumpy (the 1.5", former 11" incher) still has no buds. :(  Does
anyone know how long it might take stumpy to get a bud on him?  Can
stumpy still do any photosynthesis?  Do you think it has been too long
and that stumpy's root system was damaged too much by the ants?

Any advice on what to do to help my dracaenas recover would be

-- Kevin Heider

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