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At 12:50 PM -0400 8/12/97, JOHN G WHITE wrote:
>I bought a burpee msc pepper seed packet at the beginning of the summer and
>now I have a mess of pepper plants w/4 kinds of pepper.  What I would
>really appreciate somebody telling me is whether I should start to harvest
>or leave them on the plants until the end of summer.
>I seem to have 4 kinds.  The long skinny kinda twisted, fat elongated, fat
>elongated pale green and round.  All are green to one degree or another.


I didn't see an answer to your question,
and I just got back from vacation so I
apologize for the delay.  Your peppers
are ready when you like them.  A typical
"bell" pepper, for example can be eaten
green, when turning yellow, and when
fully red.  They are not "hotter" when
red than if green; bell peppers have almost
no "heat" even when fully ripe.  There are
various colors of peppers around so the
terminal color might be yellow, orange, red,
purple, brown, etc.  The peppers of other
shapes you describe are hot peppers.  They
are hot when green, intermediate, and terminal
colors, so you can pick them when you like
how they look.  Some sound like cayenne (the
twisted ones), some sound like Hungarian wax
(broad conical ones), some sound like jalapeno
(the shorter round-conical ones).  All of these
are hot peppers and I advise when picking and
processing that you wear gloves or other skin
protection.  Just biting into some of these
can give you a horrible burn on the lips, for

Have fun!


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