Ken Biedenharn baymail at
Sun Aug 17 23:37:23 EST 1997

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to introduce a product that is a new and effective way to
keep perishable
goods colder or frozen longer than conventional methods such as ice,
dry ice, or
gelpacks. If you have an interest, please take a moment to read this

Sorba-Freeze  Pads are used in the shipping of fresh or perishable
goods where
temperature control is a must. This includes fruits and vegetables,
meats, seafood,
flowers, cheese, etc. Sorba-Freeze  Pads are soaked in water to
hydrate and then
refrigerated or frozen (depending on the application). Sorba-Freeze
is also used as an
absorbent pad, soaking up most water based fluids, even blood.
Sorba-Freeze  does not
leak and enjoys worldwide approval for direct food contact. Ideal for
mail order. Is
available for grocers for POS display. For more information, please
visit our Web-Site at or for a sample and brochure, please E-Mail us
Baymail at

Thank you for your time.

H.B. Biedenharn
Pack USA
6715 Old Shell Road Ste G
Mobile AL 36608

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