Transplanting Pines

Don Staples dstaples at
Sun Aug 24 23:36:35 EST 1997

Albert F. Sposeto wrote:
> I have a large number of pine seedlings some of which I'd like to
> transplant to other spots in my yard but I don't know when the best time
> of year is to do so. Any help will be appreciated.
> sposeto at

Don't know the location or species, but.  Best time to transplant is
after the seedlings have hardened off in the fall.  Usually after the
first frost.  They can then be dug and transplanted.  Bare root
transplanting is possibly the best for large numbers, but you must keep
the roots damp at all times.  If just a few seedlings transplant them as
you would a potted plant.  Lift the seedling with a root ball, dig a new
hole that size, and transplant.  Keep root damage to a minimum in both
methods, although on bare root you can do a little root pruning on

Here in the south planting of pines (bare rooted for the most part) in
October or so, and continue to green up.
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