Algerian Ivy

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At 10:50 AM -0400 8/29/97, Thomas Moore wrote:
>I have an Algerial Ivy and the white portions of the leave are not very
>bright.  Is there and thing (e.g. fertilizer) that will brighten them up.

Variegated leaves frequently have a "best" time
of year to show their variegation.  In many
kinds, they "green up" during the brightest
periods of summer.  The white or yellow zones
show best in these in spring and maybe again
in autumn.

The best way to keep variegated plants variegated
year-round, is to place them so that they get
enough shade to avoid the greening-up process.

But some species will "green" no matter where
you put them.

I don't know about the particular variety you have,
but these are just some general observations on
variegated plants that might help.


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