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At 8:32 PM -0500 12/3/97, ANAFFECT wrote:
>Hello List:
>Does anyone know of a poison ivy herbicide which "stomps" out poison ivy.  =
>aim is to kill the poison ivy, but keep the other vegetation in tact.

There is no magic bullet for Toxicodendron radicans
(aka Rhus radicans).  As a dicot, it is very sensitive
to high concentrations of auxins (eg: 2,4-D) so while
"broadleaf" weed killers will certainly kill poison ivy,
it will also kill every other dicot that gets enough
of it.  As a plant, poison ivy is sensitive to glyphosate
(eg: Roundup, Kleenup, etc.), so this material will kill
it as well as any other plant that receives sufficient

No matter what you choose to spray, you will have to
be careful where you spray it.  The 2,4-D sprays will
have to avoid the other dicots, and glyphosate sprays
will have to be spot-applied to avoid killing neighboring
plants of every type.


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