Chirimoya ?

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Fri Dec 5 11:55:21 EST 1997

The Cherimoya is an Annona.
1. If the cherimoya was not ripen in the tree; the seed
may not germinate or, if it does it won't be strong. (90% of
cherimoya are picked green because they are so delicate to
handle when ripe.
2. Cherimoyas are subtropicals and need weather similar to So.
California, So. Texas and So. Florida. Humid weather won't
do. No freezing either. Similar weather as avocadoes.
3. Cherimoyas are a large tree similar in size as an 
avocado tree.
4. Cherimoyas need hand pollination
5. Cherimoyas from seed will take at least 8 to 10 years to
produce fruit.
If all the above answers are positive Good Luck.
I understand how you can fall in love with this delicious
There is a company in Hawaii that will be shipping irradiated
cherimoyas. They sell a large variety of exotic plants you
can contact them at infomaui at
Good Luck, Sam
> Does anybody know what a Chirimoya is (species, family, habitus). I
ate this
> fruit last week for the first time in my life, tasted delicious: a
> pear-like, very sweet. It is about the size of a large apple,
green, with
> scale-like indentations. The seeds are hard like stone, 1 cm,
black, a dozen or
> more dispersed in the white "flesh" of the fruit. I'd like to
germinate these
> seeds - any hints?
> Thanks, Marco
> -- 

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