Pinus pinea

James Reid reidjam at
Wed Dec 10 20:56:35 EST 1997

Northern California - fast breaking news. Just kidding. Actually this
would be considered slow breaking news.

A friend who lived in Italy, but who is himself not botanically aware,
is having trouble believing that the plants sold here by the nursery
trade as Pinus pinea (Italian stone pine; or the translated Italian
common name: umbrella pine ((not to be confused with Sciadopytis
verticillata)) ).

He claims that the purported US version is bushier. Frankly I distrust
his ability to distinguish, and I explained what seems to be the
improbable scenario of a separate strain being marketed so uniformly by
the nursery industry. Still he insists that they look 'different'.

My feeling is that he is not seeing clearly, and that his love of all
things Italian is clouding his clear perception of the situation. He has
vowed to get seed from Italy to grow himself so that he can prove the
difference. I think this is extreme and unnecessary and advised him to
trust the nurseries.

Is there something I don't know (about this particular subject I mean)?
I would be happy to be enlightened by you if you have further


James Reid
Landscape Gardener

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