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Sat Dec 13 04:27:26 EST 1997

M.G.Matt wrote:
> Dear Madam/Sir,
>  Could you please help me to find more about:
>  B E A L   F R U I T   it belongs to  vanilla plant familly.
>  Your assistance is appreciated.
>  Sincerely
>  M.G.Matt

There is no such thing as the "Vanilla" family.

The Vanilla is a plant within the orchid family. It the vanilla plants
bears a seed pod that is processed to produce the flavor used in the
food industry.

I have neaver heard of "Beal Fruit" or any fruit like it associated with
the orchid family.

However, there is an artificial (hybrid) orchid genus called "Bealara"

Hope this helps.

David Deutsch

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