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Henriette Kress HeK at
Tue Dec 16 16:46:28 EST 1997

Just went thru checking the links - 48 new plant pics from London available in
my ftp space, and on my website.

Among the additions you'll find a greenhouse-grown Momordica charantia - the
green fruit photo is an eye teaser (can you even find the fruit?) and the yellow
fruit photo is simply gorgeous (-this- is a plant?).
( and

Other additions are eg. pictures of Galium odorata and G. aparine, nice sunny
shots of Galega officinalis and Sambucus ebulus, and a photo of the leaf form of
an -old- Hedera helix plant (compare this to the leaf form of a -young- Hedera
helix plant, picture also onsite).

The descriptions are here:; all the new pics are marked

Have fun

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