how to cultivate aloe

Anne Gillen ez049617 at
Fri Dec 26 17:34:54 EST 1997

alkrol at (alkrol at MCS.COM) wrote:
: I have several of these plants and after a year I'm waiting for a bloom,sucker
: anything but nothing happens,the oldest is dormant now 
: how can I clone these things?

There are many types of aloe in the world.  Mine is similar to the aloe
vera that is commonly sold.  It produced offshoots and even bloomed
this year. It did not produce seed.

Perhaps you should let your plant dry out for a few months. My plant
bloomed after being ingnored and not fed for a while in the winter. Then
I watered and fertilized it in the spring and later it bloomed.
This also works with 'Christmas cactus'.  Stress, such as water stress or
nutrient stress can encourage flowering in many plants.  Maybe you should
let them become pot bound. This may stress them and encourage new


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