I think my Indian Rubber Plant (indoor) is dying!

jenkins jenkins at nava-link.net
Sun Dec 28 17:03:10 EST 1997

Anne Gillen <ez049617 at dilbert.ucdavis.edu> wrote in article
<681aap$te$1 at mark.ucdavis.edu>...
> : Help
> : How do I know if my plant is overwatered.  I think the leaves are
> : to sag.  
> : The problem is it's potted in a huge pot container that do not have any
> : outlet at the bottom.  Please don't advise me to repot it because it's
> : quite a huge plant.
> : What can i do - i can't bear to see it die.
> : 
> : rtaye at pacific.net.sg
> I suggest you propagate the plant befor you loose it.   Then you can
> over with a properly drained container.  
> Anne
I dont know if it would work, but the thang I would do is tip the pot a
little and
take a drill and drill several holes in the bottom of the pot. To me it
sounds like it
would work.


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