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> >I have a Norfolk pine that has become to large for our house. What is
> >proper way to trim the top. Also can I use the trimmings to start
> >tree. Because we live in Syracuse it is not an option to move it
> >
> >Thank you in advance for the answer.    NIKITA.
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> That is a tree. Trees should be cut down entirely and properly disposed
> Then you should pave the area where it grew, to make sure other trees or
> vegetation will not grow. Do not use the trimmings to grow other trees,
> trees are harmful to people.
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I wish I had a norfolk pine that big. That must be a lovely looking tree.
Sorry I cant help. Dont know eanythang about pines.
Refering to the anti-environmentalist. What are you going to do when in a
years from now, the demand for farm products will not be sufficiant for
worlds population? You people are covering up are farm land with concrete
at a astonishing rate.I hope when the time comes, when your belly is
from the lack of food, you will come to the conclusion your anti-enviroment
theory wasnt what it was kracked up to be.

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