oriental lilly potting mix

halinar at open.org halinar at open.org
Mon Dec 29 22:25:03 EST 1997

>Could someone reccomend a good potting mix for Oriental lillies, both for
>pots and in the ground?

Scott:  Oriental lilies are generally easy to grow in pots, but  need
good drainage.  Use a mix that has a fair amount of course bark if you
can, or use a peat mix that has a fair amount of perlite.  Oriental
lily bulbs don't like to get too hot, so you should use a large pot
and try to keep the pot as cool as possible.  The mix needs to have
good drainage durning the hot part of summer as you don't want the
potting mix to be too wet.  

As far as growing them in the ground, almost any soil that doesn't
have standing water will probably be ok.  Commerically, Oriental
lilies grown in western Oregon are usually grown in soils that is
mostly clay.  Probably not as bad as some of the clay soils in the
South, but still quite a heavy clay.

Joe H

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