Pines to broadleaf on Sand Dunes

D J Roberts groveti at
Wed Dec 31 04:49:30 EST 1997

I have 15-yr old pines (P. Thunbergii) and marram grass retaining shoreline
sand dunes in southern Japan, and want to move a stage further forward by
varying the planting, introducing underplanting (and perhaps improving the

Climate is warm temperate (0-40¡C, 2 months summer rain, 3 months summer
dry, rain in winter, 40 inches/100cm annually).

First ideas are eucalypts, poplars (alba/tremula>, chestnut (C. sativa),
sycamore maple (acer pseudoplatanus), hawthorns, etc.

Does anybody have any experience in this field? or any hints on where to
ask, textbooks, etc?

Another problem: - does anyone have any experience of importing plants into
Japan? I have bought small plants with me from Europe without too much
difficulty at the airport - except their roots are washed...!! but larger,
unaccompanied plants?

I'd be very grateful for any help you can give

David Roberts

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