Jeffrey Joyner jjoyner at
Mon Dec 29 09:30:21 EST 1997

Nice plant,  but it shouldn't have died after flowering - Sarracenias
are not generally monocarpic.  If you want to grow the seeds,  sprinkle
them on top of some damp sphagnum moss,  enclose the pot within a
plastic bag to maintain moisture,  and place in the refridgerator for
3-4 months.  After that,  place the pot (still in bag) in a bright
window with no direct sun and wait for germination.  Be prepared for a
wait - plants are not usually recognizable as pitcher plants until their
second year,  and won't flower for about three years.  The big thing
with these plants is to keep them moist at all times and make sure they
get a proper winter dormant period.  They will die if not allowed a cold
period in winter (definitely not house plants).  S. purpurea should be
hardy outside through zone 5, at least, and most other species through
zone 6b with protection.  Good luck!

gAdão Pereira. wrote:
> By the way, I had one Sarracenia Purpurea which died after flowering, too.
> Now I have seeds and I would like to know if they need any special
> conditions to grow.
> Here's a photo of it.
>  [Image]

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