Sat Feb 1 16:00:47 EST 1997

To whom it may concern:  My name is David Del Sesto Jr, I am agraduating senior
at the University of Rhode Island. My major is plant science with a concentrati
on in molecular biology.  I am looking for full or part-time employment as a
lab tech or research assistant, and will be avaliable in May.  If there is not
a full-time position open I would appreciate the oppurtunity to intern at your
lab during the summer.
    My credentials are 600 hours of lab experence, 400 of which include working
 on PCR, RNA and DNA gels, Nothern and Southern blots, tissue cultures and
research.  I have done research projects on Iron uptake of Soybean, I have
worked with arabidopsis and agro bacteria, also I am presently working on
the genetic mechanism involved in senescence of male sterile soybean plant.
For this project I was awarded a grant by the University of Rhode Island to
continue research in this area of study.
    I am currently an intern at Dekalb genetics Co. where I will be working
with various advance techniques including Northern and Southern blotting,
Tissue cultures, bombing of corn embryos, and transforment rejeneration.
    If you are interested in obtaing any additional information about my
credentials then please contact me at my e-mail address at ddel6155 at uriacc.
UrI.edu, or contact me at home (401)232-0624 any time after 4:00 Pm.  Thank
you for your time and I look forward from hearing from you..

                         David Del Sesto Jr.

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