Viola localities in S.Spain ?

Mike Hardman mike at
Sun Feb 2 11:23:30 EST 1997

I am looking for localities for Viola in southern Spain (field trip in June).
Can you help me ?
- Localities, or names of people who might know ???
Naturally, the greater detail, the better!
The area is Sierra Nevada to Sierra de Cazorla plus or minus a hundred miles.
I'd be especially pleased to hear from anyone who has done field work there,
either with Univesity or with Alpine Garden Society (eg).

Viola cazorlensis, I can probably find (but still would like comments on).
But I'd love clues on: VV. crassiuscula, arborescens, and any others

Many thanks
Mike Hardman , Aldershot, Hampshire, UK.
International Violet Association, Butterfly Conservation, WWFN, etc...
Freelance Photographer, Writer, and Computer Consultant.

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