Do houseplants filter air?

Vaughan, Gillian Ruth vaughag at
Mon Feb 3 23:16:33 EST 1997

>Michael Peterson wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask but here goes. Do
>> houseplants improve the air quality within a home. Aside from producing
>> oxygen, do they also filter out any toxins or irritants? Are there any
>> publications that rate or suggest different types of houseplants for this
>> purpose? I'm not looking for very technical information, just comparitive
>> stuff that would help someone that wants to select plants on more than
>> just asthetics.
>> Thanks,
>> Michael Peterson

There is actually a book on this now that I found in my local book store.  
It's called something along the lines of Eco-friendly house plants, and goes 
over about 50 species of houseplant, in addition to going over some of the 
theory behind it.  Unfortuneatly I gave the book to my Dad for Christmas, so I 
can't give the reference.  If you can find it, it seems like a really 
interesting book.


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