Market Size of Horticultural Crops

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Could anyone direct me to a source for information on the national 
and/or international size of markets for (relatively) obscure plants? 
Not major commodities like wheat, rice, corn, barley, etc but more 
along the lines of bedding plants, annuals, herbs and seeds.

Does there exist, for example, a listing of the amount of money spent 
on/the market size of (picking a random example) Lobularia maritima 
(sweet alyssum)?

Any on-line or library resources would be most appreciated. My 
agricultural economics (economic agriculture?) is poor so any help 
would be appreciated.
Just a little ol' plant molecular biologist,

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the last issue had some very good stats on the break down on what was
spent on  cut flowers and annauls and perennilas and potting plants.

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