Fungicides and Mycorrhizae

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Mon Feb 3 06:21:05 EST 1997

Doreen Howard wrote:
> If one sprays their veggies with fungicides to prevent early
> blight or a host of other fungal diseases prevelant in the hot,
> humid south, will the fungicide destroy mycorrhizae in the soil under
> the plant and surrounding it????  Opinions PLEASE
> Doreen Howard
> doreen at

In general, the contact-type fungicides (those that are sprayed on the
foliage) will not cause any significant harm to mycorrhizae.  The
Benlate type soil drenches will do considerable harm, and should not be
used by anyone following good organic practices.  We have a fairly
complete listing of better/worse fungicides available.

Don Chapman
Bio/Organics Supply Center
Camarillo CA

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