a question

FaganJohns faganjohns at aol.com
Mon Feb 3 09:40:19 EST 1997

These chemicals could have almost any bennefit to the plant.  Many times,
however, these chemicals are used in defense from some other organism
(microbial, insect, etc...).  The reason that they have bennificial
effects on humans is usually coincidental (food plants are nutrisious
because we have genetically selected them to be).  The reason that very
similar chemicals, that are used for very different purposes, are found
both in plants and animals is because nature tends to be stingy.  That is,
since we are essentially dealing with organic molecules (carbon based,
complex glucose and benzine based) nature tends to use the same molecules
for different things.  The plants produce the same chemicals that are
beneficial to another organism, but for a completely different purpose.

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