improvement of the soil of a kitchen-garden.

Sten Porse porse at
Mon Feb 3 14:15:36 EST 1997

Michael Roberts wrote:
> the leaves will lower pH, add some dolomite lime as well to
> balance & add Mg & Ca

On a danish heathland near Flynder Sø in the nortern part of Jutland
where the pH was 4.5 the invasion of oaks and the leaves shed by them
changed the pH to almost 7.0. I am not aware if this datum can be
supported from elsewhere in the world, but so it is.

As to the original question: Yes you might - and you should in my
opinion - use the leaves as a compost in your garden. A small amount of
lime will speed up the decomposition and balance the pH.

Sten Porse

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