Acacia dealbata - from cutting?

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Mon Feb 3 14:24:44 EST 1997

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> I live in the Uk, on the outskirts of South London, and have been
> an been trying to create an "exotic" effect for our climate. One plant
> keen to incorporate is an Acacia Dealbata. I grew one from seed which was
> slow to start and so was given away to a friend when I found a thriving
> nursery grown specimen to replace it.
> Sadly, the nursery specimen is devastated, though not killed, each
> and suffers severe die back. However, the given away plant has come
> the last two winters with impunity and is starting to look beautiful.
> Clearly, it much more cold tolerance. I am going to try some cuttings
> this plant to bring back into my garden, but the literature I have seen
> suggests that most acacias are not ready to strike from cutting.
> Does anyone have particular knowledge of acacias from cutting and any
> (over and above the obvious) which could help my cuttings to take. Maybe
> someone down under can put me right!
> Many thanks
> Chris Miller

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