Need help with venus-flytrap

Marcus Phillips m.j.phillips at
Fri Feb 7 11:53:22 EST 1997

>I have recently bought a pot of Venus Fly-trap from an exhibition.
>After 1 day, the plant show yellowing at the edges. Now into the
>second day, some leaves have turned brown and more leaves are turning
>Can anyone advise me on the favourable conditions for Venus fly-trap?
For general infomation try

This will give you some general advice on growing these plants. In 
order to help you further, however, I need more info about the plant 
you bought...

How big was it?
How dry was the compost?
How healthy did it look?
Was it very draughty / dry at the show?
How are you currently growing it?

It sounds as if the plant got too dry / cold at the show! If you now 
treat them reasonably, they should recover. Try repotting them, 
ensuring you remove any dead material.

Good luck


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