private life of plants

Ralph O. Erickson erickson at
Sat Feb 8 14:26:48 EST 1997

	Three or four months ago there were many inquiries on this newsgroup
about video-cassettes of David Attenborough's "The Private Life of Plants," 
(sometimes wrongly called "The Secret Life..."). But no information appeared
about where to buy the cassettes.
	A new PBS Home Video catalog has just come in which the 6-cassette 
set of "The Private Life..." is listed for $80. The set can be ordered by 
'phone, 1-800-645-4PBS; or online, at
	BTW, Attenborough's accompanying book, "The Private Life of Plants," 
was published in 1995 by Princeton University Press.
	R. O. Erickson

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