Do houseplants filter air?

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Sat Feb 8 13:03:38 EST 1997

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>>Michael Peterson wrote:
>>> Do houseplants improve the air quality within a home. Aside from producing
>>> oxygen, do they also filter out any toxins or irritants? Are there any
>>> publications that rate or suggest different types of houseplants for this
>>> purpose? 
>There is actually a book on this now that I found in my local book store.  
>It's called something along the lines of Eco-friendly house plants, and goes 
>over about 50 species of houseplant, in addition to going over some of the 
>theory behind it. 

Yep, I just found It too and bought it for myself...

It's "Eco Friendly House Plants" by B.C. Wolverton, and as mentioned
elsewhere, is based on the 25 years of research at NASA.

In Britain, It's published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson and costs £14.99

Elsewhere, give your bookstore the ISBN number 0 297 83484 3 and they
should be able to help...

Spoiling the plot, the top plant of those that DO absorb all sorts of
nasties is the Areca Palm...I'm now off on a plant hunt around my
local Garden Centres!...

Mark Beecham, Lincoln, England...

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