"Potassium salts of Fatty Acids" as herbicides???

Frank Kolwicz bb389 at lafn.org
Sat Feb 8 12:51:03 EST 1997

I picked up a "safer" herbicide the other day composed, so the label 
says, of "potassium salts of fatty acids". The label has no warnings 
about food plants and says it works on anything, +\-.

I'm looking for a better alternative to Roundup for crabgrass, nut grass, 
quack grass and other jointed grasses that are overrunning my southern 
California lawn and garden.
Any information will be appreciated, especially efficacy, toxicity, and 
soil longevity.

Frank Kolwicz
F.H.P.Kolwicz Photography, 271 Mesa Ave. 
Newbury Park,  CA  91320, (805)499-2237

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