Question about Codiaeum variegatum pictum (Croton)

Harold Olivier orchids at
Sun Feb 9 00:11:56 EST 1997

On Sat, 08 Feb 1997 12:16:05 GMT, simonc at (Simon
Chamberlain) wrote:

>I have (according to the photo my wife's book) the above plant and I'd
>be grateful if anyone could settle a bet between me & my wife.
>I am sure that when we first had the plant it had a big red flower but
>that was 6 years ago.  My wife thinks I'm just loosing it :-)

Sorry, Simon. If you have correctly identified the plant it _couldn't_
have had a big red flower. C.v.pictum makes very small (insignificant
to virtually everyone but taxonomists, really) white flowers.

I don't know if your wife is right about your 'loosing it' (I'm in
absolutely no position to make that judgment about anyone - just ask
*my* wife), but it does look as though you've lost the bet.

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