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I work at Belgrade University as an assistant on biological research.
Currently, I am working on my magistery about CEDRUS. The exact theme is
"Affects of Air Pollution on Histology - Cytology and Morphology of
I have a great problem. Noone in my country wasnt concerned about such
theme, and I have no way to found proper literature about CEDRUS in my
country. I also dont know the other way to contact someone abroad my
country except via Internet.
So, please, if You have any work that is concerned about this theme or
CEDRUS generally, or if You know where I can find it, please inform me
via e-mail. Please, note that I have no aproach to biological news
groups so I cant forward my mail to those groups. This is the only way I
can contact someone for help.
Any document, research or anything else about CEDRUS can help me.

Thanks in advance and exurcese me about Your time

Please, sent information on e-mail

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