Postdoctoral position

Madon Bhattacharyya mkbhattacharyya at
Mon Feb 10 01:42:28 EST 1997

Phosphoinositide Signal Transduction Pathway in Plants

   A postdoctoral position is currently available to study the function(s)
of phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C (PI-PLC) in plants. We have
recently characterized the multigene family encoding PI-PLCs from soybean
(Shi et al., 1995: Plant J. 8, 381-390). Molecular approaches including
isolation of PI-PLC-interacting proteins, and anti-sense expression of
PI-PLCs are being considered in studying the function(s) of this enzyme in
plants. The position is initially for two years. Interested candidates
with experience in molecular biology and a publication record are
encouraged to apply. Experience in yeast two-hybrid system and soybean
transformation are desirable but not essential. Application by mail and
fax should be addressed to Dr. Madan K. Bhattacharyya, Division Plant
Biology, Noble Foundation, PO. Box 2180, Ardmore, OK 73402. Fax:
405-221-7380, Phone: 405-221-7390. The Noble Foundation is an equal
opportunity employer.

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