Ginko Biloba (memory), Siberian Ginseng (stamina),Meletonin (sleep) Best Prices !

FRANK HOCZA sdlooker at
Wed Feb 12 09:55:28 EST 1997

I am now able to offer Health Promoting Herbs and Minerals at budget minded prices. 

These are all fresh, recent dated Herbs and prepackaged and sealed from the factory. 

I also have a source for Live Plants and seeds for those interested in growing or processing

their own Healing Herbs. Pamplets detailing how to grow, or process herbs are only $1. 

If you have specific health needs we have pamplets detailing the herbal properties of each Herb

these are also only $1 and the price goes down as you order more. 

Please email me with your  needs - type , volume, and your location and I will reply with a price and value

which can't be beat.  Thank You for your attention. Frank E Hocza

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