Qns: do plant express x-gluc gene..??

X=--> aLeX jOsIaH tAn <s4464182 at mercury.np.ac.sg> X=--> aLeX jOsIaH tAn <s4464182 at mercury.np.ac.sg>
Fri Feb 14 01:12:25 EST 1997

hi everybody..!

i am now doing a project abt transforming ornamental plants 

i using agrobacterium mediated transformation..
this bacteria had x-gluc (beta-glucuronidase gene) as a reporter gene..!
so i am doing Gus assay to detect the presence of the dis-armed T-DNA in 
the plant cell..!
however the ctrl explants which not infected with the bacteria have 
positive result for the GUS assay....
i had 1 qns....
Do any plants able to express Beta-glucuronidase gene..??
thank for the help
u can reply by sending mail to
E-mail:s4464182 at np.ac.sg
thank U & have a nice day..!!

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