Majesty Palm Trees

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> I recently purchased two majesty palm trees and they are dieing.  I first
> put them close by a window inwhich they could get plenty of sun and the
> branches started dieing.  I then put them into another room with limited
> sun and they appearred to be doing much better. However, I now have noticed
> that the leaves and branches are turning brown and dieing .  I water the
> plants about every two days or when I notice the soil is dry.  Also, I have
> watered the leaves a couple of times.  What am I doing wrong? Please help.

In all likelihood the palms was never properly light acclimated by the
original grower.  Palm leaves produced in full sun will not survive in
the typical low light conditions of the interior.  If you are in a cold
winter climate, the low humidity of central heating may be taking its
toll as well.

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