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Dear Ali

This abstract appears on the CAB ABSTRACTS database (and also in the journal 
Plant Breeding Abstracts)

10. AU: Kranz, E.\ Dresselhaus, T.
14. CC: FF020\FF060
20. TI: In vitro fertilization with isolated higher plant gametes.
30. JN: Trends in Plant Science
32. YR: 1996
33. VL: 1
34. NO: 3
35. PP: 82-89
41. LA: En
44. MS: 37 ref.
45. AA: Centre for Applied Plant Molecular Biology, AMP II, University 
ofHamburg, Ohnhorststr. 18,
D-22609 Hamburg, Germany.
50. AB: Recent work is reviewed under the headings: isolation and 
selectionof gametes; fusion of
gametes; in vitro and in vivo zygotes, embryogenesis and plantregeneration; 
polarity of eggs and in
vitro zygotesin culture; induction of artificial parthenogenesis with 
isolatedegg cells; gametic cell
hybridization; sperm- and egg-cell-specificgenes and fertilization-induced 
genes; and future
61. PI: 0Pfertilization
62. DE: reviews\gametes\in vitro culture\fertilization
70. AR: UK

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Hi there,
I was looking for the paper abstract (wich is publishe in TRENDS IN
PLANT SCIENCE (1996) 1(3):82-89)  in MEDLINE, BIOSYS, SCience citation
Index,Current Content.But I could not find it.
Does anybody know other databases where I can find the abstractof this
Thanks in advance.It will be highly  appreciated.

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