Insects killing Ficus tree????

Susan K. Wehe swehe at
Tue Feb 18 13:01:39 EST 1997

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> We have a ficus tree (I *think* it's a ficus tree - its leaves are about 1¼
> wide by 3" long) in the house, it's about 6'6" high and we've had it for about
> a year.
> Some branches are dying off and along those branches there's little (1/16 -
> 1/8 inch) hemispherical brown things stuck to the branches.  I can't see any
> insects on the tree but I assume that it's being killed by an infestation.
> Does anyone know what it is and what I should do?
> Any advice gratefully received.
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Sounds possibly like scale.  Go to a local nursery and purchase an
insecticidal soap.  

Susan Wehe

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