Insects killing Ficus tree????

Cindi James Cindij at
Tue Feb 18 20:59:17 EST 1997

That's exactly what my ficus tree has!!! (see "help with  ficus tree"

I wonder if it's a ficus tree thing or if it's a pest.  They're like
little fuzzy brown oval-shaped things, and they scrape off with your
fingernail.  I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THESE ARE!!!! If you find out, let me
know.  This is driving me nuts. 

with fuzzy brown dots on her ficus too, thank you very much!

emailaddress at wrote:
: We have a ficus tree (I *think* it's a ficus tree - its leaves are about 1¼ 
: wide by 3" long) in the house, it's about 6'6" high and we've had it for about 
: a year.
: Some branches are dying off and along those branches there's little (1/16 - 
: 1/8 inch) hemispherical brown things stuck to the branches.  I can't see any 
: insects on the tree but I assume that it's being killed by an infestation.
: Does anyone know what it is and what I should do?
: Any advice gratefully received.
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