Didier Le Thiec le_thiec at NANCY.INRA.FR
Wed Feb 19 11:19:11 EST 1997

Dear all,

I'm introducing myself. My research interests are the effects of air
pollution and global change on stomatal functionning. I study actually the
effects of ozone, CO2 and water stress on stomatal conductance and element
concentration (specially calcium) in guard cells.
My favorite plants are trees (Picea, Pinus, Fagus, Quercus).

I would like to know: - is it possible to obtain protoplasts of these species
                      - have you some informations about detoxification
enzymes (e.g. SOD, POD ...) inside guard cells.

Thank you very much for your help.
Didier Le Thiec

Dr. Didier Le Thiec
I.N.R.A. Centre de Recherches Forestieres
Unite d'Ecophysiologie Forestiere
Laboratoire de Pollution Atmospherique
54280 Champenoux - France

Tel :  33 (0)3 83 39 40 98
Fax :  33 (0)3 83 39 40 69
E-mail : le_thiec at nancy.inra.fr

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