Insects killing Ficus tree????

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>I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THESE ARE!!!! If you find out, let me
> know.  This is driving me nuts. 

The only way you'll really know what you have is to take a sample and send
it to your cooperative extension for ID; even if the original poster finds
out what his pest is, it still may not be what you have!  Look in your
County Blue Pages, possibly under Extension Services or something similar,
give 'em a call, and they can tell you the best way to send them a sample. 
There may be a fee, but it's usually small, and often it's free (depends on
your state).  You can also look around for a Master Gardeners clinic and
take in a sample.  The people there may be able to identify it on the spot,
and if they can't, they're usually set up to send it in to Extension for

Properly identifying a pest is a required first step to dealing with it,
especially if you plan to use a pesticide.  You can only tell if a
pesticide is labelled for your pest if you know it's true name, and if your
pest isn't clearly listed on the label it's definately illegal, and
probably ineffective, to use that pesticide.
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