Help with euphorbia variety?

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Wed Feb 19 14:23:18 EST 1997

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>My friend is trying to replace a lost cactus plant but does not know the 
>name for it.  It is a euphorbia, but is not as stiff or upright as cow's 
>horn variety.  It might have "dragon" as a part of its common name.  It 
>was pictured in a Sunset article on euphorbias a number of years ago.  
>Looking for name and place to locate a replacement.  Or a book that might 
>show a picture of more varieties.   She is in Redding, CA.

Euphorbias aren't cacti.  Cacti and Euphorbias are both succulents.

With that out of the way, your friend's plant may be Euphorbia lactea,
sometimes called "Dragon's Bones".  They are pretty easy from cuttings,
but be sure to let the cutting dry for at least several days before
trying to root it.

You may get better responses if you post to rec.gardens.

Beverly Erlebacher
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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