Firefly eggs

Paul Kidd Jr. bagger at
Wed Feb 19 18:31:59 EST 1997

Dear Biosci-Request:

        For no reason other than my nostalgic fondness of lightning bugs and
the decreasing numbers of same, I have been trying to find a company that
sells firefly eggs. I simply want to order eggs in hopes of growing the bugs
in my yard. Do you know of any entomological catalogues that sell firefly
eggs? If so, would you be kind enough to apprise me of the address for
obtaining such a catalogue? Your help wouold not only be appreciated, but
might be good foir the environment, aesthetically speaking.

        I am not kidding. I really mean this. (I have heard of people buying
and breeding butterflies.) I just want to grow lightning bugs. (No I am not

The Old Bagger

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