"Potassium salts of Fatty Acids" as herbicides???

John Bohmfalk bohmfalk at tcgcs.com
Wed Feb 19 20:52:37 EST 1997

In article <1997Feb8.175103.1432 at lafn.org>, bb389 at lafn.org (Frank Kolwicz)

> I picked up a "safer" herbicide the other day composed, so the label 
> says, of "potassium salts of fatty acids". The label has no warnings 
> about food plants and says it works on anything, +\-.
> I'm looking for a better alternative to Roundup for crabgrass, nut grass, 
> quack grass and other jointed grasses that are overrunning my southern 
> California lawn and garden.
> Any information will be appreciated, especially efficacy, toxicity, and 
> soil longevity.
> Frank
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> Frank Kolwicz
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I know this was posted some time ago, but I'll respond anyway.  What you
have is just a soap. Unless there are other ingredients, it sounds like a
solution of ivory soap.  I can't comment on efficacy, but it shouldn't be
toxic.  I'd guess that soil bacteria would metabolize it fairly quickly,


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