U. Adelaide, South Australia staffs' phone ::: needs

Chokchai Wanapu ichokcha at RATREE.PSU.AC.TH
Thu Feb 20 22:11:03 EST 1997

Dear Sir,

I have contacted 2 staffs of the Univ. Adelaide, South Australia: 

  1. Professor Ian R. Falconer (Deputy Vice-Chancellor in Academic)
  2. Dr. Robyn Van Heeswijck (Dept. Horticulture, Vitivulture and Oenology)

since last week by Fax +61 8 303 4357 and +61 8 303 7116. Unfortunately, the
phone numbers of them have been changed and couldnot connect to them
anymore. Somebody know the new number of Fax and e-mail, let me know, please.

Thank you very much in advance.

Dr. Chokchai Wanapu
Fax:+66 74 212801
e-mail: ichokcha at ratree.psu.ac.th

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